InsulcladTM Rendered Wall System is committed to providing environmentally sustainable products for exterior cladding of the house including external walls. Zero Ozone Depleting Potential in both manufacture and composition, complies with the GreenStar Insulant ODP Emissions credit requirement.

Combining exterior cladding with superior insulation, InsulcladTM Rendered Wall System enables building projects to achieve higher Energy Efficiency Star Ratings requirements for insulation than traditional external wall systems, contributing to ongoing sustainable building practices. 

The InsulcladTM Rendered Wall System is a strong, durable and weather proof complete wall rendering system with superior energy efficiency that suits a variety of projects and budgets. Insulclad addresses the needs of today’s environmentally conscious builder whilst providing freedom in design, reduced building costs and overall construction time while providing savings in energy costs for the life of the building. Energy saving and eco efficient qualities of InsulcladTM ensures sustainable manufacturing, building and living.



exterior wall cladding
  • Energy consumed in manufacture is offset by energy saved through creating carbon neutral homes
  • Green Star Compliant
  • EPS comprises of 98% air resulting in the efficient use of raw material


external wall cladding

  • Less energy consumed and emissions produced during construction
  • EPS core is fully recyclable
  • Reduced energy demands and less emissions produced by transport from manufacturer to distributer to building site


wall weatherproofing
  • Contributes to the highest energy efficiency rating requirements
  • Insulation properties reduces heating and cooling energy consumption
  • Creating energy efficient homes with less greenhouse emissions


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