Insulclad's Three Stage External Wall Cladding System

Insulclad™ is a high quality rendered external wall cladding system comprising of a polystyrene insulated core that is quickly attached to the building frame or fixed directly over existing brick work, fibre cement sheeting, and other cladding systems.

The render coating system consists of a fiberglass mesh reinforced base coat followed by the application of finishing renders and is then finished with a 100% acrylic paint system.

When choosing Pre-Mesh Panels the durable textured surface requires no extra preparation, with the fibreglass reinforcing mesh and base coat render already applied for you and apart from joint patching all board joints, is ready to be rendered in your choice of stylish finishes and colours.

Insulclad's External Wall Cladding System

insulclad-1-fixing insulclad-2-preparation insulclad-3-finish

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