The Mask of Change

The Mask of Change

When it comes time for a change to your home, it’s sometimes hard to see the forest through the trees, and by that we mean people can only see all the big jobs that need to be done, like additions, new kitchens, and so forth. This is understandable if you require them, for obvious reasons, yet most of the time subtle changes can make the biggest difference.

One of the most popular changes home owners make is to the façade as it helps to create and improve ‘curb appeal’. In most situations this could be changing the colour of the paint, or adding weatherboard to the outside. But when your house is made from brick, there seem to be few things that can be done to dramatically change the exterior of your home. Or is there?

What if there was a system that you could add to the exterior that did not require any major brickwork, or any major structural work at all to make a significant difference?

The Insulclad Rendered Wall System is just the system you have been looking for. Whether you are making recommendations for a client, or are a home owner and want to do it yourself, the Insulclad system is designed to be easily installed with minimum fuss.

Another reason the Insulclad Rendered Wall System makes everything easier is because there are only three stages to whole process from start to finish.

Stage 1 – Fixing

There are two options for this stage of the installation:

  • Direct Fixed = fixed to the wall frame over sarking.
  • Cavity System = fixed over EPS battens to form a secondary moisture barrier by providing a cavity between the frame and wall cladding.

It is highly recommended that if you are doing this yourself you should consult your architect, builder, or seek advice from your local council before choosing the right system for your home.

Stage 2 – Preparation

Once you have installed the system and panels, it is now time to prepare the surface.

Reinforcing Mesh and Base Render = provides strength, water resistance and the specially formulated adhesion properties that bonds all three stages of the Insulclad system together,

Joint Patch and Primer Additive = when mixed with Base Render will bed in your panel joints on Pre-Mesh Panels, and will also prepare your PVC edge protection trims to obtain superior adhesion between PVC and render, prior to finishing the render over the entire system.

Stage 3 – Finish

This is the part where you get to fuss over the finish of the render being applied to your home. On this occasion you have three options.

  • Fine Skim = adds minimal texture to your finish, meaning it adheres better when applied to the panels, but also adds a depth of subtle definition to your home.
  • Medium Float = adds further depth and character to your home with a more prominent texture.
  • Coarse Float = adds real definition to your home’s exterior with a rough, yet refined texture.

It is recommended that regardless of the finish you choose, that you need to seal it with 100% acrylic based paint for maximum protection.

To discuss your options for your Insulclad Rendered Wall System, please feel free to call us on 1300 787 478, or complete our Online Enquiry Form.

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