Energy Efficiency and Insulclad

Energy Efficiency and Insulclad

When it comes to Australia’s harsh temperatures, people will do everything they can to keep themselves warm in winter or cool in summer. If you have air-conditioning/heating systems, then you probably fear those months when the temperatures really kick-in. Not because of the temperatures, but because of the energy and costs associated with running those systems.

Yet there are ways in which energy usage can be reduced, which doesn’t necessarily involve using these systems sparingly, but more looks at how to keep cool in summer and warm in winter through better insulation. 

Building a new home using the Insulclad™ Rendered Wall System for exterior walls will create an energy efficient building that provides a significant reduction in the energy needed for heating and cooling.

It does this by adding an extra layer of insulation on the outside of the building, and when combined with internal wall and ceiling insulation, can make quite a difference when retaining warmth and coolness within the home.

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